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It is not easy for a girls’ college to complete 130 years. It is even more difficult for an Old Students’ Association of a college to complete 88 years of affectionate association with its college and share the campus with the present students. Bethune College Sammilani can be proud of its achievements.

On 3rd September, 1921, the then Principal Ms. G.M.Wright formed the Old Students’ Guild with a number of former students. In 1934 the same Guild became the Old Students’ Association. Traditionally keeping the Principal as Chairperson, an Executive Committee, consisting of 9 members, used to assist the Secretary who was usually a teacher and an ex-student of the college. Their activities largely consisted of giving stipends, awarding medals to meritorious and deserving students etc. The Association was engaged in various other social welfare activities also. It encouraged interaction between the old and the new students. First Saturday of the month of September was the fixed day for reunion. Not only the entire expenses for the reunion were borne by the college in those days, all the old students used to get a copy of the college magazine free of cost.

In 1971, the Alumni Association celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Some Professors and ex-students started giving awards, namely, memorial prizes and scholarships on the basis of the results of University examinations of meritorious students. The Association played an active role in this area too.

This Premiere Institution can boast of 6 of its ex-students who became Principals of this College. The first person to acquire this honourable position was Chandramukhi Bose - one of the first woman graduates of India and the First M.A. of the University of Calcutta. Ms. Kumudini Das, Sm. Tatini Das, Dr. Dipti Tripathy, Dr. Pushpa Misra and Dr. Manimala Das- are the other five ex-students who made us proud by becoming the Principal of this august institution. 

Apart from academic excellence, Bethune College has a great dramatic heritage. It reached its peak during Dr. Dipti Tripathy’s tenure. Her poetic vision and ability backed by active help from some of her very close colleagues, such as Prof. Ishita Dutta, was unparalled. Their spirit of creativity ignited us to make a move towards a new dawn.

In 1963,  Minakshi Ghosh (Sinha) joined Bengali Deptt. She got involved with the students’ cultural activities. The students wanted to keep her linked to their Annual Function. The then G.S. Rupa Ghosal (Chakraborty), with some of her classmates, approached the then Principal, Mrs. Emerson. She not only gave her smilling consent, but enthusiastically supported them also. Kajal Sen (Roy) was called in promptly. On behalf of the old students they enacted the last scene from ‘Othello’ in the annual function of the College. Thus,  the Prize day and Reunion were held on two consecutive days and this has become a practice since 1964. The unbroken journey is continuing for more than 46 years.

In 1991, a new constitution for the Association was adopted. The Alumni opened its door to the past and present teachers as well. The criteria was the teachers’ affectionate attachment with the College and their students. The Association  changed its name once again and became  Bethune College Sammilani. An independent body was formed with the Principal as Chief Patron.

In 1996 we celebrated its 75th anniversary and the then Secretary introcuced the system of  Life Membership on payment of a certain amount of subscription.

In 2001, at the time of its 80th Anniversary, the new Secretary conceived a year long special programme and published a Souvenir. In 2002 the college authority had inducted three senior members of the Sammilani in the Steering Committee formed to celebrate the 125th year as the Post Centenary SilverJubilee Celebration  in 2003-04. All the year-long functions were held jointly.

We are closely working with the present students and participate in all their activities, i.e. NSS Camps, Yearly Fest ALAAP, Annual Sports etc. We regularly invite the present college students and the respected teachers to our programmes. A genral time table of the programmes is given below


  •  A musical programme in June/July.
  • The Annual Mela in August.
  • The Foundation Day on 3rd September followed by Mrs. Emerson Memorial Lecture
  • Vijaya Sammilani (end Oct./Nov.).
  • Annual Picnic.
  • The Reunion and AGM in February – Felicitation of Distinguished personalities followed by a Drama.

 Our Vice President, Smt. Manjulika Das, Director, K.C.Das Pvt. Ltd.,hosted a sumptuous dinner for the visiting NAAC Pe Team on their arrival at kolkata.  The Team was delighted to see the house of Ms. Das which has become a heritage now and enjoyed the dinner very much

We enjoy the fond indulgence bestowed on us by our Alma Matar and promise her our enduring love and respect.