We give below a brief account of some of our recent activities: 

The Following Events were organised by Bethune  College Sammilani for the year February'2013 to  October' 2014:
 1) Reunion Day was organised on 22nd  February,2013. Rupa Chakraborty,  Aruna Mukhopadhyay, and
  Eshita Dutta medals were conferred  on this occasion.  Special Dipti Tripathy plaque was conferred on Dr.  Manju Chakraborty in 2013 on reunion day.
 2) Mrinalini Emmerson memorial lecture was organised on 4th September, 2013 on account of foundation  day of Sammilani. Topic- Recent Uttarakhand calamities and  Eco-balance system.
peaker- Dr. Shyamal Chakraborty
 3) Ananda mela was organised and held in the month  of October, 2013
 4) Bijaya Sammilani was organised on 6th  November,  2013
 5) Reunion 2014 were organised on 21st February,  2014.  Apart from conferring Rupa Chakraborty,  Aruna  Mukhopadhyay, and Eshita Dutta medals one plaque has also  been conferred on Reba Mitra as eminent social worker.
 6) On each reunion day the ex students who have  completed fifty years of their graduation were honoured by  Bethune College Sammilani- This year ten such ex students  have been honoured.
 7) Condolence meeting for Dr. Usha Bhattacharya,  ex professor and HOD, Department of Philosophy of Bethune  College and first President of Sammilani was organised on  24th April,  2014.
 8) A grand farewell for Sri Bablu Dey for his  excellent assistance for each programme of Sammilani was  organised on 24th May,  2014
 9) Mrinalini Emmerson lecture was organised by  Sammilani on 3rd September, 2014.
      Topic- Everest Expedition
      Speaker- Sri Ujjal Roy, one of the four Bengalis who reached the top of the Everest.
 10) Anandamela 2014 was organised and held on 28th  September,  2014.
 11) Next Bijaya Sammilani will be held on 28th  October,  2014. All are cordially invited to attend this

(A)   Rupa Chakravarty Memorial Silver Medal is awarded to a former student of Bethune College for her notable contribution in the field of scientific research or performing art. The  endowment was made by the family of Rupa Chakravarty.The name of the awardee will have to be approved by the Alumni Association. The following ex-Bethunites have been awarded this medal.     

  1. 1999 Sm. Purabi Mukhopadhyay :: Exponent of Tagore songs

  2. 2000 Dr. Minakshi Sinha             :: Teaching, literature and cultural activities

  3. 2001 Shyamali Basu                  :: Literature and journalism

  4. 2002 Sadhana Roychoudhury      :: Actress

  5. 2003 Pranati Mukhopadhyay       :: Research

  6. 2004 Aparna Roy                       :: Social Worker and Municipal Councilor

  7. 2005 Bratati Bandyopadhyay      :: Performing artist in recitation.                                    

  8. 2006 Dr. Sumitra Mitra Reddy     :: Research in Science

2007 Debarati Shome                 :: Professional singer Rabindra Sangeet

2008 Dr. Tania Das                    :: Scientist and Exponent of Rabindra Sangeet.

2009 Dr.Manimala Das               ::  Physicist and Ex Principal, Bethun College  , VC of  Netaji  Shubhas Open University

2010 Dr. Jyoti Das                     :: Renowned Mathematician 

(B) Aruna Mukhopadhyay Memorial Plaque is given by Bethune College Sammilani. Aruna Mukhopadhyay was a teacher of the Chemistry Department of Bethune College. Her proficiency in acting is unforgettable. She was the Secretary of Alumni Association at the time of the Centenary celebration of the College. Sammilani has instituted this plaque to honour the dedication of Aruna Mukhopadhyay for the cause of old students and the College. 

The following former students of Bethune College have received this plaque for their commitment to social work: 

  1. 2001 Sm. Kajal Sen :: Social Worker served as President and Secretary of bethune College Sammilani.

  2. 2002 Sm. Ashoka Gupta :: Renowne Social Worker

  3. 2003 Dr. Gopa Mukhopadhyay :: Famous gynaecologist , inclined to social service

  4. 2004 Dr. Madhuri Basu :: Attached to Govt. Hospitals and past president of CMIG.

  5. 2005 Sm. Manjulika Das :; Entrepreneur

  6. 2006 Sm. Nandini Raha :: Prof. of Physics and always ready to help others.

  7. 2007 Dr. Sunanda Basu : NRI

  8. 2009 Dr: Aditi Lahiri: Chairperson of linguistics , University of Oxford , Interested in social welfare

  9. 2010 Smt . Ranju Ghosh 

©  Memebers honoured on the occasion of Post-centenary Silver Jubilee Celebration for their long and dedicated service: 

  1. Dr. Pushpa Misra

  2. Sm.Sunanda Ghosh

  3. Sm. Kajal Sen

  4. Dr. Minakshi Sinha

  5. Sm. Shukla Banerjee

  6. Sm. Roma Chottopadhyay

  7. Dr. Manju Chakravarty

  8. Dr. Sima Kundu

  9. Dr. Bithi Ganguli

  10. Sm. Shipra Gupta

  11. Sm. Swapna Datta Gupta

  12. Sm. Sumitra Saha

  13. Sm. Shyamali De

  14. Sm. Kumkum Chottopadhyay

  15. Dr. Manisha Banerjee

  16. Dr. Jharna Bhattacharya

  17. Sm. Arati Sadhu Khan

  18. Sm. Eva Mitra

  19. Sm. Reba Das

  20. Sm. Rajlakshmi Ghosh

  21. Sm. Nandini Raha

  22. Sm. Aparna Roy

  23. Dr. Padmaja Mullick

  24. Sm. Tista Dasgupta

  25. Sm. Indrani Sinha

  26. Sm. Kabita Mondal

  27. Dr. Sabita Misra

  28. Sm. Krishna Dutt

  29. S. Patralekha Banerjee

  30. Sm. Shyamali Basu

  31. Dr. Manimala Basu

  32. Sm. Gayatri Banerjee

  33. Sm. Bharati Mitra

  34. Sm. Manjulika Das

  35. Keya Basu

(D) The Mrs. Mrinalini Emerson Memorial Lecture (former Principal of Bethune College) was started at the conclusion of Post-centenary Silver Jubilee celebration as a tribute to Mrs, Emmerson. The following eminent persons have delivered the lectures till date” 

1. 2004 – February Dr. Akhtar Imam, Eminent educationist of bangladesh

2. 2005 – September Sri Shirshendu Mukhopashyay, Famous litterateur

3. 2006 – Sepember Dr. Purabi Roy, Fmous researcher

4, 2007 – September Dr. Bharati Roy, Famous historian

5. 2008 – September Dr. Munmun Gangopadhyay, Director Tagore Cell, RBU

6. 2009 – September Dr, Nrisinha Prasad Bhaduri, Professor famous Indologist abd research oriented writer.