Distinguished Alumni

It is our privilege and honour to pay homage to the brilliant alumni of this college who have played a significant role in every sphere of life.
Any inaccuracy is highly regretted.
Abha Maity
Admitted to I.A. Class in 1940 in Bethune College and later obtained degrees in B.A. and L.L.B. from Calcutta University.
She became a member of West Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1951, a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1960 to 1962; the Minister of Refugee and Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal from 1962–1969 in the ministry of Prafulla Chandra Sen. She was elected to Lok Sabha in 1977 from West Bengal on Janata Party ticket and served as the minister of state for Industry under the Morarji Desai government from 1977 to 1979.
Aditi Lahiri
Graduated in Mathematics in1971. Done research work in Linguistics at the UCLA, Brown University, Max Planck Institute, Holland and Constanz University, Germany.
She was awarded the covetous Leibnitz Prize, the highest honour awarded by the Foundation to a young scientist by The German Science Foundation, a prize money of 1.5 billion Deutch marks to be spent for future research. Currently working in Oxford University as the Chairperson of the Faculty of Linguistics, Philosophy and Phonetics.
Aditi Sen De
Passed B.Sc. in Mathematics in1995; awarded her Ph.D. from the University of Gdansk, Poland and moved to Hannover, Germany as a Humboldt research Fellow. Currently she is a Professor in Physics in Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad.
She was the first women recipient in the Physical Science category of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, awarded in 2018.
Akhtar Imam
Passed B.A. in Philosophy in 1937 and stood first among the girls. Stood second in M.A. in Philosophy from Dacca University in 1946. Went to England in 1950 with the aid of Bengal Muslim Education fund. After coming back, she joined Dacca University and became first female departmental Head.
She was a pathfinder for the liberation of Muslim women.
Amita Bhose
The unofficial cultural ambassador of Bengali language and literature in Romania. She went to Romania in 1959 and learned Romanian language and authored two books for Romanians to learn Bengali: Curs De Limba Bengali and Manual De Limba Bengali; her published books were 17. She was offered professorship at Bucharest University, a signal honour for any non-Romanian.
In 1977, she was awarded a medal of honour for her work in spreading literature and Indian culture by the Romanian Government. Rabindra Bharati Society also posthumously awarded her Rabindra Purashkar and arranges Amita Bhose Memorial Lecture every year.
Anuradha Mukhopadhyay
Passed B.A. in English in 1963. She was a national swimmer.
Aruna Mukhopadhyay
Stood first in I. Sc. from Bethune College. Joined Bethune College as a lecturer in 1962 and continued till her untimely death in December 1987. She was keenly interested and actively involved in performing arts, especially in dramas and acted in the role of ‘Prakriti’ in ‘Rabibasar’, a highly reputed literary group. Dr. Mukhopadhyay also authored three books of poems.
Her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication towards the extra-curricular activities of the college cannot be forgotten.
Ashoka Gupta
Stood first among girls in I.Sc. in 1932 and passed B.A. in Mathematics in 1934, both from Bethune College. She was an Indian freedom fighter and social worker. She became the member of the All India Women's Conference (AIWC) in 1938 in Decca and other welfare organisations. She took part in relief work in Bankura during the famine in 1943 and rescue and relief operations during the Noakhali genocide in 1946. After the partition, she engaged herself in refugee rehabilitation, child literacy and development of rural women and tribes. She was the chairperson of the West Bengal State Social Welfare Advisory Board, member of Central Social Welfare Board, founder and president of Mahila Seva Samity, president of Indian Society for Sponsorship and Adoption and connected with various other organizations.
She was the State Commissioner of Guides and State Chief Commissioner of Bharat Scouts & Guides from 1968-1974. She was a fellow of the Senate of the University of Calcutta from 1948-1953.
She also authored some books including her autobiography ‘In the Path of service’. In recognition of her service towards women and children she was awarded an honorary D.Litt in 2007.
Bratati Bandyopadhyay
Graduated in Economics in 1983. An eminent elocutionist in Bengali language who has been invited to several countries all over the world.
Chandrabati Devi
Famous film actress in hindi and bengali movies. Her acting in ‘Didi’, ‘Pratishruti’, ‘Mandanda’ and especially the role of Chandramukhi in ‘Debdas’ will remain unforgettable.
Dipti Tripathi
Passed I.A. from Bethune College. She stood first in B.A. in Bengali in 1944 and in M.A. from Calcutta University in 1946. She was awarded second M.A. from Colombia University in 1951. She joined as a member of faculty in Bethune College in 1948, before joining as the Principal in 1975 and worked for 12 years. Dr. Tripathi was a distinguished writer and critic of Modern Bengali literature.
She was also a renowned classical dancer.
Fazilatunnessa Zoha
Made history as the first Muslim woman graduate. After her brilliant performance in Matriculation and I.A. examination in Dhaka, she got admission in Bethune College and passed B.A. in Mathematics with distinction in 1925. Then she joined Dhaka University and stood first in M.A. in 1927 as the first Muslim woman. She went to England with State Scholarship in 1928, returned in 1930 before completing her degree and took up a position at Bethune College teaching mathematics, and then as Vice Principal till 1947. After partition, she moved to Dhaka and became the Principal of Eden College from 1948-1957; the first lady Principal in Pakistan.
Gopa Mukherjee
Passed I.Sc. from Bethune College and then awarded MBBS, DGO and DRCOG; an eminent Gynaecologist and Obstetrician.
Hamida Khanam
Passed B.A. with distinction in 1952. She went to Columbia University as Full-Bright fellow and became the Principal of Home Economics College, Dacca. Pakistan Govt. awarded her Gold Medal for her contribution in education in 1969.
Hiranmoyee Devi
Daughter of Janakinath Ghoshal and Swarnakumari Devi, sister of Rabindranath Tagore. She was a devout patriot, attached with the Theosophical Society and Sakhi Samiti of her mother. Later she established ‘Bidhaba Shilpashram’ with her own savings and worked very hard for this organization which took a toll on her health. She worked untiringly for the upliftment of women and dedicated her life towards the service of the nation. She was also a poet and a writer.
Ila Mitra
Passed I.A. and B.A. from Bethune College in 1942 and 1944 respectively. She was an all round athlete and presented Bengal in National Sports completion in 1940. She was the leader of peasants and santhals uprising in Rajshahi, presently in Bangladesh and was reportedly arrested and tortured by the policemen of Pakistan. Later she was sent to Calcutta and joined Communist party. She was also elected to the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal. She passed private M.A.in Bengali in 1958 and joined in teaching. Golam Kuddus has expressed his admiration for her iron-strong will in his poem titled ‘Ila Mitra’.
Ila Sen
Student of B.A. class in 1927. She participated in the Simon Commission boycott movement in 1928; Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and was imprisoned.
Jayati Chakraborty
Graduated in 1961. A well-known artist of All India Radio and television.
Jayeeta Bandopadhyay
Graduated in 1975. She joined NCC air wing during her college days and was trained as a Glider plane pilot. She participated in national competition of model aeroplane flying and stood first among the female.
Jyoti Das
Passed I.Sc. in 1954 from Bethune College and did her Ph. D. from Oxford University in Pure Mathematics in 1964. She obtained Alfred Clark Edward Scholarship, four gold medals, three silver medals and a book prize for topping the list of successful candidates at the B.A. and B. Sc. examination; also four gold medals and a book prize for topping the list of successful candidates in the M.A. and M.Sc. examination of Calcutta University. She received the Commonwealth Scholarship, Senior Research Fellowship of the Science Research Council, UK, World Federation of Scientists, Italy and a number of other scholarships. She served as a Professor in the University of Calcutta, University of Dundee, Scotland, IIT - Madras and Kharagpur and Jadavpur University. She was Sir Ashutosh Birth Centenary Professor of Higher Mathematics (previously known as Hardinge Professor) till her retirement in 2002.
Jyotirmoyee Ganguli
Daughter of Kadambini Ganguli passed F.A. and B.A.in 1906 and 1909 respectively from Bethune College. She was associated with National Congress and imprisoned for Non violence movement. She was elected as the first woman Alderman in Calcutta Corporation in 1933.
Kalyani Das
Passed B.A. in 1928, elder sister of Bina Das. She was the secretary of Chattre Sangha, a secret group closely associated with Jugantar revolutionary group . She participated in Civil Disobedience movement in 1930, Quit India movement in 1942 and passed imprisonment several times.
Kalyani Kazi
Famous singer of Nazrulgeeti; daughter-in-law of Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Kamala Dasgupta
Passed I.A. and B.A. in 1928. She was a member of Jugantar revolutionary group and spent a long time in Presidency and Hijli prison for this connections; arrested in1939 for Dalhousie bomb case. When Jugantar aligned itself with Indian National Congress she got involved in relief work; devoted herself in the relief camp at Noakhali after the communal riot in 1946 by the instruction of Mahatma Gandhi. She authored two memories on freedom fighting in Bengali.
Kanak Mukherjee
Passed B.A. and joined Communist Party of India. Later she became an activist in women’s movement and was a founder of Ganatantrik Mahila Samity. She was elected twice to the Rajya Sabha.
Kankabati Devi
Passed I.A. and B.A. from Bethune College; renowned stage and film actress, acted with Natyacharya Sisir Kumar Bhaduri from her first theatre in 1928.
Krishna Das
Passed B.A. in Political Science in 1979; a former Indian archer. She represented India in the Asian Games in 1978 in Bangkok and 1982 in Delhi. She was the first archer to receive the Arjuna Award in 1984.
Krishna Dutta
Passed B.A. in Philosophy in 1961. After her post graduation from Calcutta University she moved to England where she continued her literary activities and published books on Rabindranath Tagore, also translated many of his letters.
Maitrayee Bose
Passed I.A. in 1922 from Bethune College, then from the Medical College and M.D. from the University of Munich. She was connected with the Indian National Congress and joined the Indian National Trade Union Congress in 1948; the pioneering woman labour leaders. She was a member of the Lok Sabha from 1967-1971, elected from Darjeeling in West Bengal as an independent. She devoted herself for the sake of the children right from the Bengal famine and orphans.
Malati Ghoshal
Exponent of Rabindrasangeet, was a student of Bethune College. She learned classical music from Gopeshwar Bandyopadhyay and then learned Tagore songs from Ramesh Chandra Bandyopadhyay and also played sitar. Her excellence in Dhrupad-based Tagore songs is unparalleled.
Manimala Das
Graduated in 1973 in Physics and awarded her Ph. D. from University of Cambridge, England. After teaching in a few Govt. colleges Prof. Das took up the charge as the Principal of Bethune College in 2002. She left Bethune College to join as Vice Chancellor of Netaji Subhas Open University in 2008.
Manjusree Chaki Sircar
A renowned danseuse, she was a student of intermediate class in Bethune College. She has regaled audience with her innovative interpretation of Tagore’s dance drama. She was trained in modern dance form, that was to become Navanritya, when she spent several years in Nigeria and New York; and also awarded her doctorate in Anthropology from Columbia University. After coming back to Kolkata, she founded her troupe, Dancers’ Guild and presented a large number of choreographic productions with a great deal of research. She has been awarded the Shiromani Puraskar, West Bengal State Academy Award, Uday Shankar Award and the Sangeet Natak Academy Award.
Minakshi Chatterjee
Passed B.Sc. in Mathematics in 1977. Joined as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Atmospheric Science in Calcutta University in 1989 and joined the team for 10th South Pole expedition in 1990.
Minakshi Sinha
Passed B.A. in Bengali in 1960. During her teaching career she visited Czechoslovakia and Bangladesh as a part of Indian delegates for educational seminar. She was also known for her dramatic performance in West Bengal and abroad and was felicitated in Dhaka in 2006. She received the award of a Distinguished Alumna of the college in 2018, by the family of Dr. Kadambini Ganguli.
Mira Datta Gupta
Graduated in Mathematics from Bethune College, and stood first class second in M.Sc. from Calcutta University in 1930. She was in charge of the South Calcutta branch of Chatresangha, actively participated in the activities of Bengal Volunteers. She was involved in fund raising activities during the Quit India movement in 1942 and was jailed for her nationalist activities. She was a member of the Congress party and was elected to the State Legislative assembly several times; later became one of the first members of Subhas Chandra Bose’s Forward Bloc. She was the founder of many prominent women’s organizations and educational institutions.
Mukulika Konar
Eminent physician and gynecologist.
Neena Gupta
Stood first in B.Sc.(Hons) in Mathematics in 2006 which earned her six awards in Bethune college. Now she is an Associate Professor in Indian Statistical Institute. She received the Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist award in 2014 and the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award as the youngest in 2019.
Nandini Maliya
Passed B.A. in English in 1970, a renowned film actress.
Nandini Raha
Passed I.Sc. in 1956. She joined the Physics Department of the college in 1963 and retired as Head of the Department in 1999. She is ‘Nandinidi’ not only to her own students, but also to the entire physics community of Kolkata. A dedicated and devoted teacher like her is a rare gem. She received the award of a Distinguished Alumna of the college in 2019, from the honourable Education Minister of West Bengal awarded by the family of Dr. Kadambini Ganguli.
Nirmala Basu
Passed B.A. in English with first class in 1922 from Bethune College. Stood first in M.A. in English from Calcutta University and later on she became the only lady teacher of that department. She was a unique personality.
Pushpa Misra
Graduated in 1961 and did her Masters in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Calcutta. As a Fullbright Fellow, she did her post-doctoral research in the University of Pittsburg. She was a member of faculty and served as the Principal of this college from 1997-2002. She is a trained psychoanalyst from Indian Psychoanalytical Society. She first received the award of a Distinguished Alumna of the college in 2017, awarded by the family of Dr. Kadambini Ganguli.
Priyadarshini Das
Passed B.A. in Philosophy in 2019, secured top rank in national level table tennis championship. She also won gold medal in west zone, Gujrat;Youth Girls’ Singles champion silver medal in east zone, Aizwal; Youth Girls’ Singles Runner up silver medal; Youth Girls’ Doubles Runner up in 78th Junior and Youth National and Inter State Table Tennis Championships 2016-17.
Priyambada Devi
Passed F.A. in 1890 and B.A. in Sanskrit in 1892 from Bethune college. She was a Bengali poet, author and philanthropist. Her poems were highly appreciated for the calm and restrained expression of deep pathos.
Punyalata Chakraborty
Second Daughter of Upendra Kishore Raychowdhury, passed F. A. From Bethune College and admitted to the B. A. class. She has written stories for children, mostly in Sandesh magazine.
Purabi Mukhopadhyay
Passed I.A. in 1942. She was a member of Rajya Sabha from West Bengal as a member of Indian National Congress from 1970-1982; Minister-in-charge of Prison and Social Welfare in the cabinet of P. C. Sen; President of West Bengal State Congress Committee.
Purabi Mukherjee
An exponent of Rabindrasangeet; was a teacher in Rabindra Bharati University
Rita Sinha
Passed B.Sc. in Chemistry. She was National Champion in rifle shooting for nine consecutive years; defeating male candidates from Army, Navy, Railway, Air force in Prone, Standing, Kneeling.
Rupa Chakravarty
Passed B.A.in History in 1964 and was awarded a gold medal. She participated and directed music in many musical performances in Bombay and in other countries.
Rupamanjari Ghosh
Passed B.Sc. in Physics in 1978, awarded Ph. D. in Physics from the University of Rochester, USA. She was the Dean at the School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; Director of School of Natural Sciences and Dean of Research & Graduate Studies at Shiv Nadar University. At present, she is the Vice-Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University, Uttar Pradesh. She was awarded the Streeshakti Science Samman in 2008.
Sabita Mishra
Passed B.A. in Sanskrit; first female D.Litt. of Calcutta University and a renowned Sanskrit scholar.
Sadhana Bose
Famous Indian film actress and dancer. A contemporary of Uday Shankar, in the 1930s she staged a number of ballets in Kolkata, including Bhookh on Bengal famine which was a pioneering work in presenting contemporary themes on stage and Omar Khayyam.
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Passed Higher Secondary in 1985 from Bethune College. She is the first woman director of the Indian Statistical Institute since 2015. She received Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Engineering Science in 2010 and many other awards. Currently, she is a member of the Prime Ministers’ Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council.
Savitri Roy
Graduated in 1938. She authored many short stories and novels like ‘Paka Dhaner Gaan’, which is a memorable creation; some others are ‘Srijan’, Trisota’, Swarlipi’, ‘Malasri’ etc.
Shakti Roy Chowdhury
Passed B.A. in Sanskrit in 1984. Eminent stage performer.
Shobha Sen
Passed B.A. in 1943. Joined ‘Gananatya Sangha’ in 1944 and acted in the lead female role of the famous theatre Nabanna. Then she joined the Little Theatre Group which later became Peoples’ Little Theatre Group. Since then she became a renowned film and stage actress and participated in many productions like ‘Barricade’, ‘Tiner Taloyar’, ‘Titumir’etc. by this group. Afterwards she produced ‘Nati’ which depicts the history of the participation of female actresses in Bengali theatre. In the field of stage acting, Shobha Sen has become a name.
Sudhalata Sarkar
Passed I.Sc in 1932. Participated in the Non-co-operative movement of Mahatma Gandhi and refused to wear anything else but Khadi; a strict Disciplinarian. Tarak-Sudha Endowment Fund was created by her children from 2004 and provide two teachers’ fellowship in Computer Science and Mathematics department of the College.
Sukhalata Rao
Daughter of Upendra Kishore Raychowdhury, passed F. A. in 1903 and admitted to the B. A. class. She authored children’s books, transformed different folktales of other languages into Bengali; Galpo aar Galpo, Nanan Desher Rupkatha, Hitopadesher Galpo, Sonar Mayur are some of them. She founded the Sishu O Matrimangal Kendro in Odhisha.
Sukla Roy
Passed Higher Secondary, then B.Sc. in Chemistry in 1977. She served as the Head mistress of Bethune School from 2007-2015. She received National Award to Teachers in 2011 from the President of India.
Sulata Kar
Passed B.A. from Bethune College. She was a member of Jugantar revolutionary group, participated in freedom struggle and passed imprisonment.
Suparna Sanyal
Passed B.Sc. in Zoology in 1991. Now she is a Professor in the department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.
Susmita Goswami
Passed B.A. in Sanskrit in 1983. She is an eminent singer of Najrulgeeti.
Tatini Das
Brilliant scholar and former Principal of Bethune College. She stood first in both I.A. Examination in 1914 and B.A. Honours Examination in 1916. She was the Principal of Bethune College during 1934-1950.