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Bethune College Reunion 2018 on 23.2.18(Friday) at 1 pm. All Alumni are cordially invited.

Welcome to Bethune College Sammilani

Dear sisters,

Welcome to our little space. This website has been set up specially for you with the hope that the ties of our sisterhood will be specially strenghened .

We are looking forward to suggestions from the newer generation and younger members of Sammilani towards the improvement of our website. For the present, we will be updating you regularly about the forthcoming events and programmes of the Alumnae Association and the College. On behalf of the Core Webgroup, the E. C. members along with our well-wishers, I thank you all for your encouragement and co-operation.

Why a website at all? For information regarding the facilities that you can enjoy by joining the website and the procedure that you need to follow for it, please check the "News and Update" column on your right hand side. We gratefully acknowledge the tremendous work and contribution of Dr. Pushpa Misra, Sm. Nandini Raha, and Dr. Manisha Banerjee in developing this website. Our thanks to Trio Agency for doing all the technical work in addition to training us how to do clicking and double-clicking on different icons.